Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

National Show vs Sieger Show

We have received some questions why this year’s event is named USCA National Show and not Sieger Show so we wanted to take the time to explain to everyone. The SV now only allows one Sieger Show a year per country. What does that mean? Well USCA and GSDCA will alternate years on who hosts the Sieger Show for the United States. In 2021 it is USCA’s turn to host the event, which is scheduled for September 2021.

Another question we have received is there any difference between the Sieger Show and the National Show. Yes, there is a difference. The SV states that only the VA rating can be obtained at the Sieger Show, so this means at the National Show no VA ratings can be given. USCA members still wanted the opportunity to have a national show to allow our breeders, owners and competitors a venue for Conformation, Performance and Breed Surveys as well as a way to select who will represent USCA on the WUSV Universal Sieger in June 2021 so in order for USCA to meet our members requests for a national show and to select our team members we needed to find a way to create and host a new national event.

I am new to these shows and would like to find out how to attend, I do not see information on tickets, or prices. Can you direct me to where I can find out about these shows, and anything else that might be important to a new person?

The USCA Sieger Show is one of our premier events. The function of the Sieger Show competition is based on showcasing the breed’s athletic abilities and stature.

The most impressive feature of the breed is its versatile working abilities. The event is open to only German Shepherd Dogs whose pedigrees are recorded in the FCI recognized breed registry.

You may review the SHOW RULES by clicking this link:

I am planning on signing up my dog for the show. This is our first time competing in a show. Do I need to check in prior to the class, or can I check in the day of my dogs class?

Check in for all dogs will begin on Thursday. Friday all dogs (9-12,12-18, 18-24 & 24+mo) will be measured, verify ID, teeth and testicles. You will not need a Handler for this.

On Saturday all dogs (9-12,12-18,18-24, 24+mo) will report for the official Stand (plus gaiting) in front of the Judge, when your class is called.

If my dog wins USCA Universal Sieger, can I opt out of WUSV Universal Sieger Team?

Yes. you may compete for Universal Sieger without declaring for the WUSV Universal Sieger Team.

My puppy’s dam and sire are half brother/sister, they are AKC registered with limited registration. I would like to compete with the pup, but want to be sure there will not be a problem with the registration.

Typically Puppy Classes are not required to provide registration papers. However, the dog’s limited registration WILL be recognized by USCA.

My female has all her titles that lead to a breed survey (BH,AD,IPO1). She’s imported from Germany. Does she need to be KKL for the show?

A dog does not need a Breed Survey to enter the show. However, to earn the title of VA, a dog must be Breed Surveyed, with the minimum title of IPO2

I have an imported Russian GSD, the HD/ED certificate was issued by RKF (Russian Kinological Federation) which is an FCI member Can my dog participate in the USCA Sieger Show with Russian HD/ED certificate ?

If the registration through Russia is recognized by the FCI, it should be recognized by the SV/USCA. However, approval of HD/ED certificate is dependent on “who” the radiologist/professor was that processed the evaluation.

Not all professors are recognized. A copy of the original export pedigree, with HD/ED stamp/ratings, should be scanned to

USCA Office. USCA will clarify the recognition of RKF HD/ED certificate.

How do I register a dog with foreign registry with the AKC? Where do I find the information ?

Information on AKC Foreign Registration is here.
PDF Foreign application form is here.

What ID are they verifying on a dog?

IDENTIFICATION for the dog is either a microchip or tattoo number. It is recommend to verify the chip prior to the event. If chips cannot be located, the dog may not enter the ring.

How do I declare for Universal Sieger or Siegerin?

Click here to fill out form and email it to Pam Niccum at

Do I have to participate in a Regional Championship (in 2018) if I am on the USCA WUSV Team, in order to qualify for entry into that year (2018) USCA GSD National ?

Per EB Ballot #22-14:

Starting with the 2014 GSD National Championships and continuing forward, all entries to the USCA GSD National Championship must achieve a score of 270 + pts attained at any USCA sanctioned event, starting with the previous year’s GSD National Championship. In addition, the dog/handler team must also show at either a Regional Championship or the WUSV Qualification trial, making them eligible to enter the Nationals.

Background In an attempt to simplify the eligibility requirements to enter the USCA GSD National Championship, and to lessen the burden of required participation in three Championships.