2018 Universal Siegerin

V-Xorra van Meerhout 

Owner: Jesse Gabriel

Performance award with 5/5 


2018 Universal Sieger

V-Moose von Hugelblick

Owner: Jennifer Flynn

Performance award with 5/5 


L-R: Cherie Flores, Jennifer Flynn, Denise Scelsi, Mark Pellon & Jessy Gabriel

2017 Universal Siegerin
V Xora van Meerhout IPO3 FH2 KKl

Performance Award with 5/5 Rating
Owner: Jesse Gabriel

WUSV Universal Sieger Program

The Universal Sieger program was designed to promote the breeding of the German Shepherd Dog in the United States of America, addressing both physical qualities and character attributes. The Universal Sieger reveals the most impressive feature of the breed’s versatile working abilities.

The United Schutzhund Clubs of America recognizes and awards a Universal Sieger and Siegerin each year. To compete for this prestigious title; the dog must be owned by a resident of the United States of America, be Breed Surveyed, be shown in the USCA Sieger Show, and have trialed in the USCA GSD National Championship.

USCA Universal Siegerin V- Xora van Meerhout IPO3, FH2, KKL.


CONGRATULATIONS to 2016 USCA WUSV Universal Sieger Team

Placing 3rd at the World Competition

Dave Mitchell with Asolo von Lupus Alpha

Mark Scarberry with Kent von Aurora Teufelblut

Team Captain Jessy Gabriel

Rob Dunn with Tristan von Haus Pixner

Amanda Homan with Kona von Eichenluft

Gina Pfeffer with Dux von Hugelblick

All five of the Team dogs were Handler Owner Trained and Titled