Welcome to the 2018 USCA National Show!

Sieger Show 2017

** Post Event Survey**

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This year USCA is hosting a National Conformation Show and Breed Survey. Why is this years event called a National Show and not Sieger Show? The SV now only allows one Sieger Show a year per country.  What does that mean?  Well USCA and GSDCA will alternate years on who hosts the Sieger Show for the United States.  In 2018 it is GSDCA’s turn to host the event, which is scheduled for September 2018.

Another question we have received is there any difference between the Sieger Show and the National Show.  Yes, there is a difference.  The SV states that only the VA rating can be obtained at the Sieger Show, so this means at the National Show no VA ratings can be given. USCA members still wanted the opportunity to have a national show to allow our breeders, owners and competitors a venue for Conformation, Performance and Breed Surveys as well as a way to select who will represent USCA on the WUSV Universal Sieger in June 2018 so in order for USCA to meet our members requests for a national show and to select our team members we needed to find a way to create and host a new national event.

At the National Show this year we are adding a breed survey.  As many know there has not been this opportunity in several years and we hope owners will take advantage to obtain a breed survey at the National Show.  The breed survey is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Breeders may enter more than one Kennel Group. Stock Coat and Long Stock Coat Kennel Group(s) will be judged separately. 

We are pleased to announce that our SV judges are Margit van Dorssen and Rainer Mast. Please help me in welcoming them and our very own USCA/SV Judge Nathaniel Roque who will be judging the Performance work.

We will strive to bring you as much information as possible and will keep things updated on a regular bases. If you are on Facebook, be sure to follow us there too.

If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our team members. Updated contact information may be found on the Contact Us page.

I am looking forward to seeing and meeting all of you in Ione, CA this April 12-15!

Jim Alloway
USCA President

VA1 & VA2 Siegers Keule & Fight v Holtkamper Hof

VA1 Siegerin Prada vom Externstein

VA1 Long Coat Sieger Caleb Vom Haus Dagenhart

VA1 Long Coat Siegerin Xindi di Casa Pileci

Male Performance Awards

Esto von der Plassenburg and Uric von der Piste Trophe


Female Performance Awards

Xora van Meerhout and Brazen vom OZ Haus