Judges / Helpers


Margit van Dorssen

Male Classes - SV


We regret to inform everyone that SV Judge Margit van Dorssen has informed us she will not be able to attend the National Show this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

SV Judge Rainer Mast will be judging both male and female classes as well as the breed surveys.

We look forward to seeing everyone in a month!

Rainer Mast

Female Classes - SV

Ranier Mast lives in Oberstadion-Moosbeuren, located in the province of Baden Württemberg

• SV member since 1973
• 1990 became the owner of the established Kennel vom Ermingerweg, which was originally founded in 1949
• From 1991 to 2004 served on the executive board of his Landesgrupp in Württemberg
• 2002 achieved license as SV conformation judge
• 2008 achieved Körmeister license

He has judged in many countries and has extensive experience judging many SHZS
He has owned several highly ranked dogs:

• Karas crveni Mayestoso V30, 2006 Bundessiegerzuchtschau
• Hippi crveni Mayestoso V34,  2010 Bundessiegerzuchrschau
• Ringo crveni Mayestoso V45, Ringo was the best son from Sieger Ober von Bad Boll

Nathaniel Roque

Trial and Performance Judge - USCA/SV Judge

During his 20 plus years of involvement in Schutzhund / Working Dog Sport, Nathaniel has earned titles on eleven (11) dogs. Including Handler Owner Trained (HOT) from Bh to SchH / IPO3, FH, FH2. To date he has entered and competed in hundreds of United Schutzhund Clubs of America Trials with his dogs at the club, regional and national level. He is currently training a new HOT GSD that should be earning its titles and competing in 2016.

Nathaniel and his dogs have earned numerous Schutzhund and IPO, FH/FH2 titles including: 2002 & 2007 Southwest Regional SchH 3 Champion, 2002 USCA Universal Sieger, 100 pt “V” FH and awarded the first 100 pt “V”FH2 title in USCA. He has qualified and over the past 20 years competed in the following championships: USCA GSD National, Regional (SW,NM,NE), North American, Working Dog, German Shepherd Dog Qualifier and FH . As a member he has earned: member Schutzhund 3 Club, awarded the USCA Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master Sports Medals within his first 5 years of membership.

He has been active in the United Schutzhund Clubs of America at all levels, having served as Vice President, Regional Director, Executive Board Member at Large, Helper Program Director, Teaching Helper, Trial Judge and currently as Director of Judges since 2009. At the club level he has been the Training Director / Helper for Southwest Working Dog Association for the past 14 years and has participated in the training and titling of many HOT titles and SchH 3 Club members totaling more than 175 Schutzhund Titles for members of his club.

Quote from Nathaniel: “I believe that the United Schutzhund Clubs of America is the Premier German Shepherd Dog and Working Dog Sport Organization in the United States. I’m dedicated to working to maintain the USCA status and leadership in the world of dog sport and I am passionate about preserving the working heritage of the GSD and all breeds of working dogs by using working dog trials / breed surveys / conformation as ways to evaluate our dogs.

I am grateful to be involved with our organization and I value the trust placed in me by the membership for my decisions both as an Executive Board Member as well as a Judge on the trial field. I will always do my best to be correct and fair based on the trial rules while judging working dog teams in competition.”


Dan Heldreth


Hello my name is Dan Heldreth,

I am currently a member and training director of Central PA Schutzhund Club. I would like to thank USCA and the Helper Committee for giving me the opportunity to work the 2018 Seiger Show. In the past I have worked the following events.

  • 2010 Malinois Nationals IPO 1’s and 2’s
  • 2011 Southeast Regionals Front Half
  • 2012 Southeast Regionals Front Half
  • 2013 Northeast Regionals IPO 1’s and 2’s
  • 2014 Northeast Regionals IPO 1’s and 2’s
  • 2015 Seiger Show Back Half
  • 2016 Seiger Show Back Half
  • 2017 Southeast Regionals Front Half
  • 2017 Seiger Show Back Half

I would like to wish all the competitors at this years Seiger Show good luck!


Jose Lopez


Thank you to the Helper Committee for selecting me for this opportunity. I have been involved with Schutzhund since 2002.  I have had the good fortune to have had many mentors in the sport. I am grateful to each and every one who has helped me. I owe a special thanks to Gary and Peggy Park for being such a big influence in my career.  I have had the pleasure of being the helper at over 20 club trials, 8 regional events, and 7 national events!  I appreciate the opportunity to work the dogs and the trust the handlers have placed in me with their dogs both in training and events. Good luck to all the competitors!


Kris Taylor


Jose Curiel

Breed Survey Helper

I started in Schuzthund in 2012 and training under USCA Teaching Helper Joel Monroe.  I have been the helper for seventeen club trials and one regional breed survey.  I have titled two dogs to a BH and working towards an IPO1 with them.  I am very grateful to Joel who helped me get to where I am at today.

Good luck to all competitors.