Please fill out the following form to be entered for consideration as a 2018 National Show handler. Accepted entries will be posted below so please check back for updates.

Accepted Handlers

Shannon O’Donovan – I have been involved in handling dogs my entire life.  I have a huge passion for the the breed and enjoy everything about handling.  Phone number: 530-906-9070

Available for:

  • 4-6 Month Male & Female
  • 6-9 Month Male & Female
  • 9-12 Month Male
  • 12-18 Month Male
  • Veteran Male
  • All long coat classes

Melanie Rupp – More than 25 years handling experience in the German ring, including handler of the first USCA Siegerin in 1990.  Able to confidently present dogs that do better with a patient and sensitive handler, as well as trained and competitive dogs.  Also willing to provide guidance on how to prepare specific dogs for the show.  All inquires welcome.  Phone number: 604-671-1142

Available for:

  • 4-6 Month Male
  • 6-9 Month Male & Female
  • 9-12 Month male
  • 18-24 Month Male
  • 24 Month + Untitled Male & Female
  • Working Class Female
  • Veteran Male & Female
  • All long coat classes